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Like My Father

My father is receiving treatment for cancer. For many months, he could not get out of bed due to his poor health. His weight dropped by 20kgs in a short time. One day I watched him as he was wearing his own clothes, which were so big, they looked like they belonged to someone else. It surprised me how very small he looked. He looked like a child trying to wear the clothes of adults – like when kids wear the clothes of their parents. I suddenly felt so grown up.

Then I was reminded of the past when my dad used to take me to the park and buy me stuffed animal toys. He also took many funny photos of me. I think it’s my turn to do something for my father, as he has done for me in the past. We both went back to the same park and played like old days. He had to try very hard to cope even just for a few hours.

I hope these pictures I make will motivate him. I hope they let him see that he is not as sick as he feels. In my heart, he is always a happy person and full of optimism.

Our little adventure begins, like the old days.